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Fine Arts School: Painting (Chinese Painting, OilPainting, Illustration, Printmaking), Calligraphy, Digital Media, Photography, Sculpture
Design School: Environmental Design, Visual Communication, Product Design, Costume and Fashion Design, Animation, Design, Architecture, Digital Media, Arts and Crafts
Music School: Musicology (Ethnic Musicology, Music Therapy), Music Performance (Vocal, Chinese Instruments, Keyboard, Percussion, Pop Music, Choir), Composition Techniques and Theory
Dance School: Dance, Dance Performance, Choreography
Drama School: Performance (Drama and Television, Model and Fashion Modelling),Drama Theory (Education, History and Criticism), Drama and Television Literature, Broadcasting and Hosting, Drama and Film Director, Drama and Film Art Design (Stage Design, Making-up and Dressing)
Art and Culture School:Public Service Management of Art Management, Cultural Industry Management, Performance (Etiquette for Public Relations)
Film and Television School: Radio and TV Director (Film and Television, TV News), Film and TV Filming and Producing, Recording Art.


Fine Arts School: Fine Arts (Art Criticism, Art History and theory, Research on Arts and IT), MFA in Fine Arts (Chinese Painting, Oil Painting, Watercolour, Mural Painting, Calligraphy, Printmaking, Sculpture)
Design School: Art Design, MFA in Design, Engineering (Industrial Design)
Music School: Musicology (Academic), MFA in Musicology
Dance School: MFA in Dance (Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dance Teaching and Performance, Choreography), Dance (Academic)
Drama School:Theory of Drama and Traditional Chinese Opera, MFA in Drama, MFA in Traditional Chinese Opera
Art and Culture School:Chinese Ethnic Economy (Ethnic Festival Culture and Industry Research, Ethnic Cultural Tourism and Industry Research)
Film and Television School: MFA in Film Theory (Documentary Producing, Film and TV Sound Creation, Performance and Director Creation), Radio and TV Theory (Film and TV Narrative)

Non-degree Programs

Long-term or Short-term Courses of Arts

Chinese Language Courses

Long-term or Short-term Courses of Chinese Language, HSK (Chinese Language Level Test) Training