YAU emphasises international exchange and cooperation. Today, in the hope of reaching mutual benefits, we have built up long and stable partnership with over 30 colleges, universities, institutes and enterprises in such western countries as the US, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, etc. and such Asian countries as South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. And programs like degree education, student exchange, short-term training, overseas intern, faculty visit, teacher development, discipline construction, exhibition and performance, joint research, cooperation with companies etc. have been carried out smoothly and more are happening.

In recent years, YAU has held dozens of international arts activities successfully. For instance, 99’ Kunming International Arts Festival, 2001 Sino-US Culture and Art Week, 2002 North-Euro International Culture and Art Week, 2004 the Fifth Chinese Drama and Opera Festival, 2005 Kunming International Sculpture Festival, 2006 Sino-Italy Big Screens Film Festival, 2008 Sino-Switzerland Arts Exhibition, 2011 the Sixth National Arts College and University Presidents’ Summit, 2013 Beautiful Yunnan Creation and Design Exhibition, 2014 a series celebration activities for the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relation establishment between China and France, 2015 Sino-Germany Arts Exhibition, 2015 the First Sino-India Dance Week and so on. Besides, in 2010, representing National Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), the Student Arts Troupe of YAU went to Nepal and Bangladesh to do performance exchange with local Confucius institutions. And being invited, YAU has sent delegations to Thailand and Cambodia to perform and produce New Year Festival Shows for three successive years from 2013 to 2015. Via those activities, YAU shows unique local ethnic arts and rich cultural connotations to the whole world so that people can know more about the beautiful and wonderful place, Yunnan.

Not only Bringing-in, YAU also values Going-out. In the last decade, YAU is continuously searching for quality partners to build up favourable platforms for our faculty and students to head toward the world. Till September, 2015, through different programs, more than 350 teachers and students of YAU have been abroad to study, exchange, teach, perform or hold exhibition and so on. What is worth mentioning is that, in spite of other regular programs, in 1998, YAU instituted a studio at the International Art City of Paris in France. Since then, more than 40 artists have visited France to study, exhibit or perform. By the way of going abroad, our faculty and students gain great opportunities to directly observe the masters’ works, comprehend the leading art and thoroughly absorb those spectacular art achievements of the world.

Higher education serves as both the indispensable carrier of glorious art and culture heritage and a significant source of groundbreaking thoughts. To make a full and better use of its functions requires a broader international outlook, more assorted ways to effectuate cross-cultural dialogues, and more diverse approaches to educate and cultivate talents. On the way to progressing, YAU will persist in opening up, actively exploring new chances to exchange and cooperate and executing projects to achieve mutual benefits. We cordially expect you to be our partner and step forward together to create greater prosperity in soon future!